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Let stress melt away on the island of Sal off West Africa, writes Joey Tyson.

A little-known cluster of islands off the coast of Senegal, the Cape Verdes live by a simple yet beautiful mantra: ‘no stress’.

Fringed by white-sand beaches and clear waters, populated by laidback and friendly people, and with a charming mix of African and Portuguese cultures, Sal Island, in particular, makes good on its promise to eliminate the gripes and grumbles of daily life.

Even getting there is hassle‑free: a six-hour flight almost due south means that there’s no jet lag to contend with on arrival, and only an hour’s time difference, with direct Thomson flights from Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, or via Lisbon with Tap Portugal.

And then there’s the glorious weather. Near-constant sunshine makes Sal a treat at any time of year, but particularly during the UK winter. When Britons back home are baulking at sub-zero temperatures, Cape Verde enjoys sunny days in the mid-20s.

Meanwhile, a mix of low-cost self-catering accommodation and luxury all-inclusive retreats makes Sal a holiday hot spot for all budgets. No wonder more Brits than ever are turning to these islands for winter sun.

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